The advantages of having healthcare coverage are many. It is harder to get the care you need in case of an emergency since it can be quite expensive. At some point in life, everyone gets sick, hurt, or needs some kind of medical help.

There are two main parts to health care distinguished by Canadian Health Care Mall:
Care; this is what you need when you visit any health faculty. They include doctor’s office visit, hospitals stays, emergency room visits, x-rays, laboratory tests, drugs prescriptions and preventive care.Health coverage entails what you would pay for the care. Just as we have the car insurance, we also ensure our health. Without insurance, high medical bills can sometimes wipe out savings even lead bankruptcy. Affordable health care plan protects you financially if you encounter illness or injury that would require extensive care.

Health care reforms act eliminates medical underwriting which means insurance companies cannot discriminate and must accept everyone regardless of their current health status. The key highlights are individual mandate, coverage options for young adults and pre-existing conditions.
Ten essentials healthcare can help you choose the affordable plans for your insurance. These include hospitalization, emergency services, maternity and newborn care, ambulatory patient service, chronic disease management, pediatric services, prescription drug coverage and mental health services. To help you compare plans and find one that best fits your needs, the laws calls for each state to create online Health insurance marketplace.

Choose plan How much health coverage you choose would be determined by which metal plan you choose. Each metal plan has the ten essential health benefits as required by the affordable care act. After that each plan is distinguished by how many extra services that are offered. The four levels of health plans bronze, silver, gold and silver are differentiated based on their actuarial value

Health care plans terms;Actuarial value is average percentage of health care expenses that will be paid by the plan:

  • Deductibles – the amount you owe for covered services before insurance kicks in;
  • Copayments- fixed amount you pay for a covered health care service;
  • Coinsurance – your share of the costs of a covered health care service.

The metal tiers help to give a general idea on how to make your choice on the affordable plans. In nutshell, we have a view on each of the metal tier:

  • Bronze plan: lower monthly payments but higher copays and deductibles with about 60 percent premiums;
  • Silver plans: lower monthly payments than gold but more than bronze on the out of pockets costs;
  • Gold plans: higher monthly payments but lower out of pockets costs;
  • Platinum plans: highest monthly payments, lower copays and deductibles.

To choose which plan is good for you can be challenge. You will have to consider your health and your financial situation as you compare your plans.