People often fall sick. A sick person is unproductive. He cannot participate in doing any meaningful work. It is the desire of all human beings to stay healthy; both mentally and physically. It is for this reason health care was introduced.

Canadian HealthCare Mall Definition

Health care is the maintenance and improvement of both mental and physical health through provision of medical services. It entails disease diagnosis, treatment and prevention as well as any injury or damage that may affect the body of human being.

Who provides health care?

Health care is provided by a wide range of practitioners including Canadian Health&Care Mall in various medical specialties such as medicine, dentistry, nursing, midwifery, psychology, optometry, cardiology among others.

Why Access to health care varies

People’s access to health cares largely various from place, region, country as well as socio-economic status of individuals. This is because different countries differ in economy. Countries with bigger economies like USA, UK, France, Chinae.t.ccwill obliviously have better health care services as compared to those with small economies like DRC Congo, Burundi and Haiti.

As regards to socio economic status, wealthy people have greater access to better health care as compared to the middle class and the poor. In some extreme cases, the poor may even be ignorant about the health care services. This is one of the reasons why life expectancy among them especially in developing countries is low.

This is what health care system is about.

To meet the different needs of target populations, health care system is put in place. Health care systems need to have enough financial resources, appropriate personnel, reliable information for policy making and well maintained medical facilities. They deliver health care services to meet the health needs of target populations.

This is why health care is important:

  • It helps to reduce infant mortality;
  • It increases life expectancy;
  • It improves country’s economy;
  • It reduces death rate.

In conclusion, every human being has a right to access health care. Policies need to be formulated to make this effective. World Health Organization should put in place measures to ensure that all the health care systems all over the world are running efficiently with effectiveness. By so doing, many lives will be saved, economy will grow and the world will be a better place to live.